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Any experienced archer will tell you: When you purchase a bow (especially your first bow), purchase it from an archery specialty shop. You don’t just pick a bow off the rack. You need the right bow for your particular use. At C & G, we adjust and set up bows for each individual hunter.


There are several types of bows to consider: crossbows, long bows, recurve bows, or compound bows.



We understand this can be a touchy subject to some traditional sporting enthusiasts out there, however, this site is for information use rather than giving our opinion on crossbows. With that said… Crossbows have come a long way over the many years that they have been around. Even though they have evolved over the years, they still have the same basic characteristics as it did when it was developed. There are several attributes to crossbows that give immediate advantages over traditional bowhunting. For example, not drawing a string in the presence of game is a basic advantage that crossbows give. Also, because of the gun like qualities of a crossbow, like the mounted scope and machined triggers, accuracy from a crossbow far exceeds other bows. Crossbows are also legal during regular bow seasons.

Many people fall away from bowhunting in their lifetime. This is partly due to physical attributes, but also due to todays lifestyle of working men and women. People these days speak more about not having the time to become proficient in bow shooting. So rather than perhaps being irresponsible, they opt out of hunting with traditional bows. Crossbows are great for older people and women too, who might not be able to take the time t learn to shoot a recurve bow. They are easy to shoot and easy to load!

You should check into crossbows as they might be the right fit for you.

Our crossbow brands: 10 Point, Barnett, and Velocity


Long bows and Recurve bows-

Long bows and recurve bows are the traditional bows that have been around for thousands upon thousands of years. From Genghis Khan to Robin Hood, these bows have withstood the test of time. More traditional sporting enthusiasts will choose to shoot a long or recurve bow because it connects these people to their ancestors in a way that other bows cannot. there is no doubt that using these bows is more difficult than a new compound bow or a crossbow. If you are up for a challenge, maybe a long bow or a recurve bow will suite your needs.


Compound bows-

Compound bows leverage today’s advances in technology to create an easier and more efficient process in shooting an arrow. A Compound has a series of off-round pulleys or cams at the ends of the bow limbs that stores energy in the string itself as well as the limbs. The cam or cams (in a double cam) create far more power than the same length limbs in a recurve. This system also gives the archer “let-off” the maximum pull.

Some compounds have as much as an 80% let-off. That means that if the bow is set at 50lb draw, it takes you 50lbs of strength to pull the bowstring back to a point (about halfway) the cams kick in and at full draw it takes 10lbs (80% reduction of draw) of pull to hold the string back. This a great benefit when holding an arrow… waiting for that perfect shot!


Come and take a look at our selection of compound bows. We can find the right bow for you.

Our knowledgeable staff can help set up draw weights and length, help consider accessories and cut arrows to your needed length while you are in the store. We can set up any bow correctly for any size client!.

We have a large supply of quality new and used bows, including the largest supply of crossbows and youth bows in this area.


C&G is your first step toward success in the outdoors.